Bringing Virtual Friends Together with Tweetups

At SCI, we seek to put information on people's screens that encourages them to get out into the community. Thus it should come as no surprise that we are helping to organize some local Tweetups this summer.

Tweetups bring people using Twitter and other social media tools together around a common theme.  For instance, I joined fellow Red Sox fans at the first official #redsoxtweetup earlier this spring.  It was a great time, mingling with fellow fans who enjoy Tweeting about their favorite baseball team and other subjects.  Oh yes, the enjoyment was enhanced when with the help of my 5 year old I Tweeted the correct answer to a quiz question and won a Kevin Youkilis signed bat!

Over the past year, I've seen a growing community of local Twitter users in Woburn, exchanging about varied local topics such as the library expansion project, upcoming events and what to cook with fresh local produce. I thought we might be ready for a local Tweetup and got a quick favorable response suggesting we put one together. A handful of us got together brainstorm about the Tweetup, and at Beacon Grille has volunteered to host us on Aug. 2. We already have a good showing of interest, and you can learn more and sign up here on the event page. We're encouraging people who might be just dabbling with social media to come and learn more from more avid users.

But why stop at one Tweetup this summer, when they are fun and fairly easy to put together? Our friends at Swellr asked if we'd like to help with outreach for the upcoming Dear #RoxTweet event coming up on July 19th, bringing together activists, artists and more at the Haley House Bakery--we naturally said yes.

So if you're in the Boston area, come Tweet with us at one or both of these upcoming events--or maybe you want to get your own together? If you're reading this but still on the sidelines on this Twitter thing (and perhaps wondering what the # hashtag symbol is all about) let us know if you're interested in joining us on a training on the subject.