Woburn Youth Council member delivered a speech at the Milford Youth Council kick-off press conference

Christine delivering speech to Milford Youth Council


“My fellow Youth Council members and I decided we wanted to address the issue of hunger in our area.  During a Youth Adult Connections (YAC) session we heard from the local food pantry director that their shelves get nearly bare in the summer time, when fewer groups are running food drives.  This seemed like a place we could step in and make difference.  We reached out to specific neighborhoods where we knew our peers could help us achieve success.  It was hard work to organize the drive, collect hundreds of cans and stock the pantry shelves, but it was great to come together with my fellow youth and the adults in the community to make a difference.  It was amazing to see so many people in the Woburn community play a role in addressing the problem of hunger.  Through our success I was able to understand how youth could not only solve an immediate problem, but influence social change among both our peers and adults.”