Recommended Reading

SCI compiles a selection of readings that include themes relevant to our mission. This list ranges from academic works directly addressing the subject of social capital to books on the nature of creativity. We encourage suggestions from our readers!


Must Read


Bowling Alone - Robert Putnam

Putnam's groundbreaking study on the decline of civic engagement in America is at the heart of SCI's inception.



Related to SCI Events or Current Projects


Opportunity Equation - Eric Shwarz

Excellent look into closing the opportunity gap for lower-income students by 2015 SCI Idealist and Citizen Schools cofounder Eric Shwarz.


The Art of Possibility - Benjamin Zander

2015 SCI Idealist Ben Zander, Boston Philharmonic conductor and noted teacher and speaker, presents twelve breakthrough practices for bringing creativity into all human endeavors.


Civic Health and the Economy: Making the ConnectionPeter Levine and Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg

National Conference on Citizenship (NCOC) study co-authored by Peter Levine, keynote speaker at SCI's 2013 Forum on Social Capital and the Economy.


Recommended Non-Fiction


Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks - Nicholas Christakis

The Civically Engaged Reader - Adam Davis and Elizabeth Lynn, editors

Better Together: Restoring the American Community - Robert Putnam

Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement - The Case Foundation