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CHNA 15 and SCI offering 3 Free Social Media Trainings

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CHNA 15 will be sponsoring 3 free social media training sessions for nonprofit organizations led by Social Capital Inc.’s President, David Crowley. The sessions will be hands-on and progress from beginner, intermediate through advanced lessons.


All sessions will be hosted at Grandview Farm 55 Center Street, Burlington and the schedule goes as follows:



Wednesday, December 2, 2015 9:30 am – 12:30 pm (SNOW DATE December 9, 2015)


This session will be geared towards the new social media user and will highlight the significance of common social platforms including Facebook and Twitter. There will be a hands-on portion of the session and it is recommended that participants bring a laptop or tablet device or at the least, a smartphone with access to the web.  It is also recommended participants sign up for a Facebook profile before the session and have several images from their organization to work with.


PART 2: SOCIAL MEDIA 201Read more

Network Weaving: Have Lunch, Add Twitter

How's this for network weaving? Last week, I wrote about how getting together for lunch with SCI Fall River partner Wendy Garf-Lipp led to her leading a canning workshop for Woburn residents. Today Wendy shared this anecdote of how the workshop led to a neat new re-connection for her: "My former first and fourth grade student from Providence  was visiting her boyfriend in Woburn, saw your tweet and came to the workshop without knowing it was me. Turns out Hannah works for Farm Fresh RI and is doing very similiar work that we are doing in Fall River with Partners.  We have now connected and will be meeting to see where our work intersects."Read more

Bringing Virtual Friends Together with Tweetups

At SCI, we seek to put information on people's screens that encourages them to get out into the community. Thus it should come as no surprise that we are helping to organize some local Tweetups this summer.

Tweetups bring people using Twitter and other social media tools together around a common theme.  For instance, I joined fellow Red Sox fans at the first official #redsoxtweetup earlier this spring.  It was a great time, mingling with fellow fans who enjoy Tweeting about their favorite baseball team and other subjects.  Oh yes, the enjoyment was enhanced when with the help of my 5 year old I Tweeted the correct answer to a quiz question and won a Kevin Youkilis signed bat! Read more

Thanking, Blogging, Learning & Eating: Resolutions of a Social Capitalist

Yes, I have some of the basics on my list--more exercise, fruits & veggies, etc.  Three things I'll be focusing on in 2011 to move forward on these five Social Capital Inc. priorities and more:  

More thanking, updating & sharing: We talk about this a lot when training on cultivating one's social network--it is so important to be in touch with people when you don't need something or have a task to talk about.  Yet it is so easy to get caught up in our tasks and wind up communicating primarily around needs.  I try to be mindful of this, but seek to be more consistent on this front in 2011.  Two things to help me stay on track--1) practicing "Thankful Thursday" to remind myself to pause and think who I can thank or appreciate; 2) using tags to organize my LinkedIn contacts to make it easier to share articles and updates with people based on their interests. Read more

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