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TweetUp! How to Bridge Digital and Face-to-Face Relationships

Local Twitter users at a TweetUp in Woburn
"TweetUp! How to Bridge Digital and Face-to-Face Relationships," by Keith Anderson, Pastor Keith Anderson Blog (February 21, 2012)

Blog post about the latest TweetUp in Woburn, an event that SCI helped organize which draws residents, community organizers and business leaders to meet each other, often for the first time outside of Twitter.

Tweetup Draws About 50 People Face-to-Face

"Tweetup Draws About 50 People Face-to-Face," by Nadine Wandzilak, Woburn Patch
Despite the stormy weather, some 50 people turned out for the first #TweetupWob event. It definitely proved to be a good social capital builder, creating new relationships and enabling some previously online only friends to meet in person. Nice recap by Woburn Patch. Thanks to @BeaconGrille for hosting, and @Thoughtfuleats and @Superathens for helping us put it together!

Bringing Virtual Friends Together with Tweetups

At SCI, we seek to put information on people's screens that encourages them to get out into the community. Thus it should come as no surprise that we are helping to organize some local Tweetups this summer.

Tweetups bring people using Twitter and other social media tools together around a common theme.  For instance, I joined fellow Red Sox fans at the first official #redsoxtweetup earlier this spring.  It was a great time, mingling with fellow fans who enjoy Tweeting about their favorite baseball team and other subjects.  Oh yes, the enjoyment was enhanced when with the help of my 5 year old I Tweeted the correct answer to a quiz question and won a Kevin Youkilis signed bat! Read more

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