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Putting Social Media to Work for Your Business Presentation

Last night I spoke with members of the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Boston on "Putting Social Media to Work for Your Business.  As promised, I am posting the presentation slides here as a Google document for convenient, paper-free reference. 

The presentation will probably be of most use to people who attended last night, as some of the slides are simply screen shots that I talked through.  However, I think the much of the presentation would also be useful to others interested in the subject.  The slides includes some general tips for social media, specific steps to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business purposes, and quite a few examples and references to good articles.  It is primarily geared for people fairly new to using social media for business, but again, some of the info might be of interest to the more experienced. Read more

Tapping the Abundance

David SpeakingI thought I'd share my opening remarks from last week's Social Capitalist Luncheon: 

In these times of scarcity, we see abundance.

On a chilly Monday night in Dorchester, Jaquan mentioned to the other SCI Dorchester Youth Council teens that it was supposed to a very cold winter. They started talking about how in this economy people were struggling to meet basic needs. Trained to act on problems they see, the council quickly devised plans for a coat drive.

Guided by Keith, the AmeriCorps member who mentors them, the Council developed a collaboration with the Burlington Coat factory. A few weeks later, on a rainy January night, Jaquan and the other Council members gathered to sort and distribute 600 winter coats. One recipient, who clearly didn’t have enough clothing to stay warm, said simply, “This coat drive is a godsend”. Read more

Leveraging Social Networks for Social Impact

Last week I facilitated a discussion on "Leveraging Social Networks for Social Impact" as part of the Boston Center for Community & Justice (BCCJ) Brown Bag Lunch Series.  The goals were to 1) present some general concepts about social networks & social capital; 2) share how SCI applies these concepts, especially how we train on leveraging social networks for social impact; and 3) discuss the implications of these ideas for the BCCJ network.

I promised to share my presentation and some of the key handouts with the group, and thought I'd post here to make them accessble to others interested in the subject matter.  If you only see this post, you will of course miss the interesting conversation we had, but can at least glean some of the key concepts from the presentation.  I've also uploaded one of the case studies we use to train on the subject, and our outreach planning tool.  Visit this overview page for more background on our work to "Develop Social Capitalists" through trainings and resources like these. Read more

Translating Hope Into Action

I'm looking forward to speaking tomorrow at the annual meeting of the Greater Plymouth Council of Human Service Agencies & their Brockton counterparts.  The theme of the talk is "The Year Ahead: Translating Hope into Action".  I'll be developing 4 reasons for the nonprofit sector to be hopeful in 2010, and what we need to do to translate that hope into action.  I'll blog more on this theme a bit later, but for now I wanted to get this posted in part as an environmentally friendly way of sharing the presentation with the audience.  But also hoping that others coming across this online will be able to get some of the key points from the talk.

Here is the link to the presentation I'm sharing with the audience.  

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