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Local Social Capitalists Help Milwaukee Youth Succeed

Role models in our communities are vital to youth success

During my drive to the office this morning, I learned about an interesting Milwaukee neighborhood initiative that is taking a "social capitalist" approach to helping young black males. OK, the NPR story didn't use the term, but I think it definitely applies! When one youth got arrested for some vandalism in the neighborhood, a man named Andre Ellis took initiative to turn the situation around. He said he'd pay the eleven year old $20 to spend a Saturday morning cleaning up the neighborhood around the area he had gotten into trouble. When the boy responded by coming for the clean-up with five friends, a new mentoring initiative called "We Got This" was underway.Read more

A "Social Capitalist" Take on Mentoring

"A "Social Capitalist" Take on Mentoring," by David Crowley, Mass Mentoring Partnership Blog

SCI Founder David Crowley was asked to write a guest blog post on the Mass Mentoring Partnership Blog. Here he discusses mentoring from a social capital angle.

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