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Putting Social Media to Work for Your Business Presentation

Last night I spoke with members of the Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Boston on "Putting Social Media to Work for Your Business.  As promised, I am posting the presentation slides here as a Google document for convenient, paper-free reference. 

The presentation will probably be of most use to people who attended last night, as some of the slides are simply screen shots that I talked through.  However, I think the much of the presentation would also be useful to others interested in the subject.  The slides includes some general tips for social media, specific steps to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business purposes, and quite a few examples and references to good articles.  It is primarily geared for people fairly new to using social media for business, but again, some of the info might be of interest to the more experienced. Read more

Town Sees Value of Local Bakery

I found this recent story from the Boston Globe to be an interesting example of how people value locally owned businesses, both for the product they provide as well as the space they provide to connect with their fellow community members.  The town of Colebrook, NH, came together to keep open this bakery, Le Rendez Vous, when its owner couldn't get his Visa renewed initially.  The town had suffered their share of recent economic hardships, with plant closings and the like, but decided to make a stand on behalf of the bakery.   Read more

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