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geek corps

SCI Highlighted in "Five Strategies to Revive Civic Communication"

With the help of a big cup of coffee, I'm starting my day in Chicago, looking forward to an Aspen Institute Roundtable discussion of the just-released paper "Five Strategies for Reviving Civic Communication".  Read more

Creating Local Online Hubs: Lessons from SCI

Every community needs a portal, said the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy.  The Knight Commission recently released a paper by Adam Thierer, Creating Local Online Hubs, which lays out a framework for moving on this recommendation.  SCI has developed a local community portal tool that we're now operating in eight Massachusetts communities, so I'd like to share some perspectives on Mr. Thierer's paper based on our experience. Read more

5 Things I'm looking forward to in 2011

Resolutions and predictions are of course very popular as we approach the new year.  Though there may be some resolutions to come, I wanted to take a different angle and share some of the SCI happenings that have me excited about getting started on 2011.

National "Geek Corps":  We have always aspired to have our work serve as a national model for others looking to increase local social capital.  In 2011, we have a great window of opportunity to make this happen in a significant way.  A national commission looking at how citizens get the information they need in the digital age recommended among other things a national "Geek Corps" that sounds very much like our own Outreach & Technology team.  Therefore, we're pulling together a group of organizations interested in this idea to move it forward in 2011.  For more background on this idea, including links to the original Knight Commission report and how it relates to SCI's programs, click here.  Please get in touch if you're interested in supporting or getting involved in this effort.  Read more

Geek Corps: Answering the call (and changing the name!)

Far too many reports are issued only to collect dust on a shelf.  Fortunately, this is not the case with the Knight Commission report, "Informing Communities:  Sustaining Democracy in a Digital Age", which was issued a year ago and has been the source of ongoing converation about the role of media and information flows in 21st century democractic life.  Just this week I tuned into a symposium the Knight Commission held to mark the one year anniversary of the report, prompting me to share some thoughts on the report.Read more

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