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AmeriCorps Member Inspired by Local Community

"AmeriCorps Member Inspired by Local Community," by Deb Allard, The Herald News
FALL RIVER – Tim Gustave sorted through the bins of winter coat donations piled high and taking over the conference room at United Neighbors’ Bedford Street office.
Gustave, a city native, is about six weeks into his 10-month AmeriCorps service stint at the human service agency.
“It’s great,” Gustave said. “I think I’m making a small difference.”
That’s the idea for AmeriCorps volunteers who strive to make big and small positive changes, often in their own communities, as well as in places where there has been a natural disaster.
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When a City Tackles the Achievement Gap

"When a City Tackles the Achievement Gap," by Leah Schafer, Harvard Graduate School of Education (November 14, 2017)

SCI is mentioned in this Harvard Graduate School of Education article for collaborative efforts with the Salem schools in creating an online guide of all the youth-focused programs and organizations in Salem. Based on individual student plans, the guide is connecting families to local resources that can provide their children with the supports they're missing. 

Woburn: Building Understanding and Community

Over the years SCI has slowly spread its roots, branching out to what is now nineteen different towns and cities across the Eastern Massachusetts area. It is amazing to see its growth, and even more amazing to see the impact that is has made in countless communities. As SCI creates new partnerships, it never fails to deepen the existing ties that is has created. Woburn is a prominent example of SCI's commitment to building long-lasting partnerships and understanding within a community.

This summer, SCI partnered with the City of Woburn to hold the Woburn Unites Vigil. The vigil was to show support for the city's police officers and ALL members of its community. This interfaith event was planned in the wake of a number of violent acts across the nation. It represented an opportunity for Woburn to come together to support their local police as well as show respect to each and every member of the community, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.Read more

Floppy Disks to Facebook: Millennials’ Search for Engagement and Community

Image of someone on a computer with the word #Millennials

When I was 7, I would sneak into my family’s kitchen and log onto the computer, throw in a floppy disk (the big ones, that were actually floppy) and fail miserably at Jeopardy for MS-DOS.  I never understood how my aunt had claimed all of the top scores.Read more

Comcast Cares Day 2014

Groundwork Lawrence Logo

Join Groundwork Lawrence Green Team, Comcast, and the City of Lawrence Mayor's Health Task Force and many more partners to clean up and complete beautification projects across Lawrence. Earth Day brings together hundreds of volunteers dedicated to making a positive impact on the community by planting trees, transforming vacant lots, building community gardens, and generally cleaning up the city. 

This event will take place on Saturday, April 26th from 8 am until 1 pm at the Campagnone North Common (across from City Hall) located at 200 Common Street in Lawrence. For more information about volunteering, contact Rosa at rpina@groundworklawrence.org or by phone at 978-974-0770 x7001. For corporate teams, contact Amanda at 978-974-0770 x7007. 

In Defense of Food--and Community

Volunteers at a local community farm

My interest in cooking (and eating) led me to read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, yet I was struck by how some of the societal factors that require food to be defended also contribute to the declining social capital we address here at SCI.

Pollan's basic plot, picking up where he left off in The Omnivore's Dilemma, argues that many of the poor health outcomes we see in the U.S. today result from the Western diet with its reliance on processed food, meat and dairy produced in disconcerting ways, and a limited range of grains. He suggests the link between the "food industrial complex" and nutritionists' quest for a single food factor, be it fat or carbs, that explains health also drives a frequent rollout of new fad diets and food products that at best haven't made us any better off.
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SCI Stories: Social Capital in Action


SCI's programming impacts lives in many ways, some of them immeasurable. We've compiled these short stories to demonstrate in words, rather than numbers, how building social capital can connect citizens and strengthen communities.


Giving a Voice to Immigrant Communities

"I’ve known since I began my service term at the Asian American Civic Association (AACA) that working with immigrant communities can be particularly challenging at times; for example, I often find that I need to start a few steps back when explaining concepts to my teens in order to provide them context so that they can achieve better understanding.Read more

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