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Social Media Team Launch Meeting

Calling all social media mavens!


SCI is trying to take its social media to another level through volunteers willing to utilize their social media networks and amplify our messages reach.


Join us at our Social Media Team Launch Meeting to brainstorm and plan how to create an effective team. We hope that a number of people joining the brainstorming session will be interested in serving on the team; but attending the meeting does not mean you are committing to signing up for the role. So feel free to come share your ideas and learn more about our plans for the social media team!


When:  Friday, June 15, 2012 at 12:00pm-1:00pm

Where: Boys & Girls Club of Woburn (Library), 1 Charles Gardner Lane Woburn, MA 01801 

Lunch will be provided!


RSVP:  http://sciteam.eventbrite.com/

If you are unable to attend in person you can follow along and contribute on Twitter #sciteam

WorldFest Woburn

Woburn Youth Council member delivered a speech at the Milford Youth Council kick-off press conference

Christine delivering speech to Milford Youth Council


“My fellow Youth Council members and I decided we wanted to address the issue of hunger in our area.  During a Youth Adult Connections (YAC) session we heard from the local food pantry director that their shelves get nearly bare in the summer time, when fewer groups are running food drives.  This seemed like a place we could step in and make difference.  We reached out to specific neighborhoods where we knew our peers could help us achieve success.  It was hard work to organize the drive, collect hundreds of cans and stock the pantry shelves, but it was great to come together with my fellow youth and the adults in the community to make a difference.  It was amazing to see so many people in the Woburn community play a role in addressing the problem of hunger.  Through our success I was able to understand how youth could not only solve an immediate problem, but influence social change among both our peers and adults.”

Our Youth Councils Prepare Students for the Future

Youth council member giving a presentation

One of our AmeriCorps members, Kevin McGravey, mentioned he'd been hearing several reports of former SCI Youth Council members who have attributed their success in college in part to the leadership experience they gained on the Youth Council. Sounds like this is an avenue we should think about for future impact evaluation. Meanwhile, this anecdote he relayed from a parent is compelling:

"My child was one of the first group of youth council members and just finished her second year of college. Her youth council experience gave her the skills she needed to succeed.Read more

2012 SCI Luncheon Remarks by Bob Giannino-Racine

Bob Giannin-Racine delivering remarks

I want to begin my remarks by thanking everyone that has come out to support me today. This truly is a very, very special day for me and I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to be surrounded by so many people who I admire, respect and love. Thank you for lifting me up today and always and I hope that I can return your generosity and support many times over. There's so many of you that I want to thank individually or in groups, but I'm afraid that I'd either miss someone or some group or not do any of you justice. So, with your permission, I'd like to just give you all one big collective hug and share with you my deep, deep gratitude, appreciation and love for everything that you've done - and that you'll continue to do - to support me.Read more

SCI Brings Together Volunteers to Serve Lunches to Needy Children

Flier for Summer Lunch Program


One of our host site partners, the North Suburban YMCA, asked SCI if we could help recruit volunteers to serve lunches to needy children over the summer at a site close to a public housing development.  Without a strong base of volunteers, the free lunch program could not be made available during this time of need. Read more

SCI Leverages Community Talent to Make Dorchester a Better Place

"One thing in particular our team is proud of is the story of Cornelia, a volunteer here at the Codman Square Tech Center. When we began, one huge need we recognized in our center was the lack of an organized Computer class that taught skills surrounding Word and Excel as well as the teaching how to construct a Resume. Cornelia, a woman with a Masters in Computer Programing, looking to serve the community while gaining experience, was matched up with this need, and has begun teaching a Computer class at a minimal cost to Dorchester residents. She has been teaching a class for the past 4 weeks [as of the start of November, 2009], twice a week, and has a committed group of 12 students. Cornelia is an ideal volunteer and great teacher, and has invested hours of her time to help the Dorchester community, while learning valuable skills and experience for herself." - Scotland Huber

Chelsea Raised Bed Garden

Chelsea has one of the highest rates of diabetes and obesity in the Northeast.  To try and help remedy this situation, the YLC of Chelsea Public High School is beginning to plant fruit, vegetables, and spices in a fallow raised bed garden down the street from the school.  With the help of local gardeners and collaboration with civic improvement groups in thRead more

2012 SCI Luncheon Chairman's Remarks

SCI Board Chair Delivering Remarks

By Alberto B. Calvo, Board ChairRead more

Laura Santel Delivered a Speech at the 2010 SCI Social Capitalist Luncheon

"Before I moved to Boston, I used to smile at people as I passed on the sidewalk. This was normal in my native St. Louis. I thought this was normal everywhere, but my simple gesture produced very strange reactions in my new home: a sudden fascination with foliage, trash, anything but eye contact; or an over-eager look that said, “Hey, baby, how you doing?” After a week, I gave up. After four years, I was ready to move back to a place where I felt people looked out for each other just a bit more.

So why am I still here?

Flash forward to a night just a few weeks ago. I am standing in an elementary school cafeteria – actually, standing is not the right word. I am surrounded by activity – I greet Zori’s mom and hand her a summer resource guide packet, congratulate first grader Jennixsa on the dance performance she has just completed, and check in to make sure the thirty organizations that have come to present information on summer programs have everything they need at their tables.Read more

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