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SCI Seeking Development Consultant

SCI is seeking a Development Consultant to assist with our fundraising plans for FY19, and to provide ongoing coaching and support as we implement those plans. This role includes assessing ways to increase fundraising results from our annual luncheon, identifying new fundraising opportunities and helping us priotize needs for long-term development staffing.

We have an August 3, 2018 deadline for consultants interested in being considered for this opportunity. Please download the attached desciption for more information, and share with people in your network.

Year-End Social Capital Campaign

SCI AmeriCorps members celebrating the completion of their service year.
We kicked off a campaign to raise $25,000 to help SCI continue building social capital at the Social Capitalist Luncheon earlier this spring.
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SCI Recruiting for Development Coordinator

SCI is seeking a Development Coordinator to implement our fundraising and related communication activities in order to generate the resources needed to sustain and expand our community building work. Applications for the full-time position are due on Friday, January 5, 2018. Please note, we will take applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled. So please do send a resume if you are interested and seeing this after 1/5; we will update this post when the position is filled.

The job description and requirements can be found in the attached document. Please help us spread the word! 

Help SCI Raise $1625 by Friday night!

The last Chelsea #WalkWednesday of the season included some zumba dancing!

Want an easy way to strengthen local communities before a relaxing 4th of July weekend? Donate today to help SCI reach our $5,000 fundraising goal before our June 30 budget year ends! We have just $1,625 to go--maybe even less by the time you read this blog post!

You can go on vacation after you donate to SCI. You can even donate to SCI while you are on vacation! Our SCI team will find some vacation time over the summer but we will be very busy here getting ready for the fall.

During the summer, we will be working on filling our remaining AmeriCorps positions. If you know someone who might be interested in a year of SCI AmeriCorps service, please share this link so they can learn more and apply.

SCI’s AmeriCorps program is supported by a federal grant that requires a dollar-for-dollar private match. Every dollar you donate to SCI helps leverage one dollar of federal funding to support AmeriCorps members serving our communities.Read more

Six of My 2016 Social Capital Highlights

Wow! I realized it has been over a year since I blogged here on the SCI site. Not for lack of blogging though--as some of you know I share my passion for tasty, healthy food on a blog called Cooking Chat. I thought it would be a good time to look back at some 2016 Social Capital Inc. highlights.

Now that we have grown to serve 19 Massachusetts communities, I don't get to directly witness all the great community building projects that happen as a result of SCI. I will use my blog to highlight some of the activities that I've had a chance to experience. We will share some more comprehensive information about our 2016 accomplishments soon. Read more

Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays? A Social Capitalist Take

You are parting ways after a business meeting around this time of year, and note your colleague is pausing for a moment. They may well be thinking, “Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays?”, trying to summon an appropriate greeting for the season.

I know many friends are a bit frustrated that when they are excited about Christmas coming up, they need to filter their instinct to wish people “Merry Christmas!”. Saying “Happy Holidays” instead may feel like a watering down of an important celebration in the Christian tradition.Read more

Developing Young Leaders on #GivingTuesday

We've had a day to give thanks and two days to get shopping deals. Now, you can join SCI in making today #GivingTuesday! Today we are focusing on our goal to raise $1,700 to train young leaders, which is one of our year-end campaign objectives.

#GivingTuesday emphasizes teaching the importance of giving, a central element of the SCI youth leadership programming that trains over 250 Eastern Massachusetts teens in Boston, Fall River, Gloucester, Lynn and Woburn. Read more

Local Social Capitalists Help Milwaukee Youth Succeed

Role models in our communities are vital to youth success

During my drive to the office this morning, I learned about an interesting Milwaukee neighborhood initiative that is taking a "social capitalist" approach to helping young black males. OK, the NPR story didn't use the term, but I think it definitely applies! When one youth got arrested for some vandalism in the neighborhood, a man named Andre Ellis took initiative to turn the situation around. He said he'd pay the eleven year old $20 to spend a Saturday morning cleaning up the neighborhood around the area he had gotten into trouble. When the boy responded by coming for the clean-up with five friends, a new mentoring initiative called "We Got This" was underway.Read more

Connect for Healthy Communities Goal Reached!

Update: We did it! We set out on June 30 to raise the final $804 needed to meet our fiscal year-end fundriaising goal. Thanks the quick and generous response of our supporters, we raised $825 in the final day of our fiscal year and met our goal! With the final day donations added in, we raised over $20,000 in the home stretch of our fiscal year, which puts us in strong position as we start the new year. Below we've kept the original "final day" message as it provides a sense of our progress and current priorities.

We are getting very close to our Connect for Healthy Communities campaign goal. Last week we sent an email to our supporter list seeking to raise $1,438 that will be matched by SCI board members and in order to get us to our goal. Now we are down to $804 to raise before our fiscal year ends at midnight tonight (June 30). I hope you will consider helping us reach our goal by making a donation today!Read more

15 Ways Parents Can Encourage Active Citizenship

As the Dad of an 8 year-old, I certainly appreciate that there's a lot parents need to teach. We know parents play a key role in supporting our children's educational success, emotional development and much more. As we approach Mother's Day and Father's Day, we are celebrating the vital role parents play in developing the next generation of citizens. For instance, studies have shown that taking children to the polls increases the chance they will become voters as adults, and engaging in discussions of current affairs at the dinner table increases the likelihood that children will become politically active.

In our current spring campaign, we are providing donors a chance to recognize the important role a parent has played in teaching active citizenship. In addition, we'd like to share some ideas as to how parents can encourage active citizenship with their children. Thanks to my colleague, Karen Rice, for many of these ideas below.

15 family activities to encourage active citizenshipRead more

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