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Youth Programs and SCI AmeriCorps

As you may know, SCI AmeriCorps members serve in many communities with various missions throughout eastern Massachusetts. Below, we've chosen to highlight communities in which our AmeriCorps members have youth leadership service projects.
SCI AmeriCorps member Walquiria 'Kiki' Leguisamon serves with theLynn Youth Health Alliance. Together, Kiki and the LYHA run programs like their MLK Day food drive and a new project collaborating with health experts to bring quality food to public school cafeterias. Another project ofKiki and the LYHA to incorporate healthier food options in corner stores and bodegas.
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Workshop: The Emotional and Hidden Consequences of the Internet


Posting from CHNA15...

A free community workshop sponsored by CHNA 15 and led by Jon Mattleman, MS.

Learning about how our children use technology and the REAL dangers of being so connected.

February 8, 2016
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Volunteer Shovelers needed in Woburn

Shovel snow
Long winters are particularly hard for seniors and the differently abled. In the event of a big storm, SCI likes to connect those who can help (especially youth) with seniors and other members of the community that can benefit from younger, helping hands. 
If you or someone you know is interested in shoveling for others during Woburn's winter season, contact us at darrick@socialcapitalinc.org.
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Upcoming BACH Health Workshops

Join the Boston Alliance for Community Health in their upcoming health workshops. 

Upcoming event--


"LICSW and Director of the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition, will lead a discussion on the intersection between mental health and substance use disorders, adolescents vulnerability, and signs and symptoms to watch out for. We will also be joined by Shannon Lundin, Community Health Worker, who will share her personal story with long-term recovery and discuss best practices for generating open communication with adolescents about substance use. Start 2016 off right—eliminate the stigma associated with mental health! FREE EVENT. DINNER PROVIDED." 


Hi resolution flyer with all events available for download below.

Chelsea Walking Group


Join the Community Health Leaders of Chelsea with their initiative, #WalkWednesday !


We will meet in Chelsea at 2:45pm-4pm, walk around the city and meet back for refreshments.


When: Every Wednesday, 2:45pm

Where: 59 Gerrish Ave, Highland Terrace Community Room, Chelsea, MA

Join the Facebook group to stay up-to-date on events: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WalkWednesday/

SCI AmeriCorps has half-year positions open now!


Join the SCI AmeriCorps team! Gain professional experience, help your community and make plenty of new connections.

Check out this page for a full discription of the program and how to apply--http://socialcapitalinc.org/getinvolved/service

Social Media Contest Through Boston Alliance for Community Health

Boston Alliance for Community Health

Our SCI member Olivia Larkin is running a social media contest through the Boston Alliance for Community Health! Post on social media with #giveBACH to be eligible for some cool prizes! See the attached PDF for all of the rules.

Voter Disparity in Local Elections

Your Vote Counts

The organization of law enforcement, emergency services, public works and municipal courts all reflect decisions made by appointed local officials. Despite this, local electorates consistently forgoe their right to choose municipal leadership with some parts of the country posting mere 10% voter turnouts. Low numbers are especially visible during off-cycle years (years where hardly any members of the federal government are elected) and are representative of distinct socioeconomic factors.


Let’s take Boston for example. During off-cycle elections voter participation drops by a significant percent:


Source: commonwealthmagazine.org


Not only is turnout abysmal in general (Boston is home to over 650,000 with more than 80% above the age of 18), but in off cycle seasons, Boston sees an approximate 10,000 vote deficit. This however, makes sense.    

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Improving Food Access and SCI

Market Food

In a previous article I discussed food deserts and swamps, what they look like and what might be the impact of limited access to healthy food options; we see low income areas littered with fast food, and corner stores that provide mostly high-calorie, low nutrient junk. As a result, obesity rates rise and community health diminishes.


To combat this now prominent issue, Social Capital Inc. and organizations alike move to uplift populations moored by limited food resources. Particularly, SCI cultivates youth and community gardening projects, works to sustain Farmers’ Markets, and implements healthy options in local stores.

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Volunteer needed to create e-mail blasts and maintain web portal--Woburn

Communications image

Social Capital Inc. in Woburn is looking for a tech-savy volunteer to learn constant-contact email and our web portal system.  This will be a good way to get some experience in writing, communications and web management.  A good candidate will have familiarity with software like MS office and possess good writing skills.


If you are interested, contact Dan Arrick of SCI at darrick@socialcapitalinc.org.


Thank you!

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